Balule: Parsons Game Reserve


A big 5 area, Balule offers unrestricted movement of Game right through to the Kruger Park.

The 1900 Ha Parsons Balule Big 5 area forms part of the greater Balule Reserve, which in turn is a member of the Association of Private Reserves.

Parsons Management committee is currently applying for Private Game Reserve status and it will then formally be incorporated in to the Greater Kruger National Park.  Where else will you secure 21 ha of Big 5 game land at realistic prices?   Only a few vacant stands remain. 

Being open to the Kruger Park, wildlife has free movement across the various areas making up the APNR. These areas include the whole of Balule, Klaserie, Timbavati, Umbabat – right up and into the Kruger Park.

As a member of the APNR, these unique areas have to be monitored and managed in accordance with Kruger Park Guidelines. These include annual aerial game counts, veld monitoring, control of the number of waterholes, fire management policies, security and anti-poaching.

Nowhere else will you be able to find a 21ha property in Big 5 territory – especially not at this price.

Some properties have amazing trees. Others offer distant views of the northern Drakensberg range. Whatever you decide would best suit you, you cannot go wrong by investing in Parsons Balule. Ideal for weekend getaways or holidays or decide to live here permanently?

Everyone in Parsons has found ample water by drilling a borehole. Eskom power is never far away.

Parsons has its own game drive or safari route. It covers about 1500ha. Consenting owners agreed to the safari route traversing their own properties – for the benefit of all concerned. No spot lights are allowed after dark.

The Parsons Balule Big 5 area also has a wide selection of general wildlife. One of the dividing fences was dropped about 4 years ago and it is amazing the difference it has made. Parsons is home to a resident pride of lions. Wherever you are, you will hear that amazing sound when they roar.

Parsons, Balule has a committee that oversee the day to day running of the 1500ha reserve. Parsons is actually about 1900 ha.  One owner makes up about 400 ha and this area is managed by Olifants North.

Levies are around R3500 a year for vacant land.

This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.  Parsons Balule Big 5 area gives you the opportunity to buy in to Big 5 at affordable prices. 


Rare opportunity to acquire a 21Ha property. Unrestricted movement of wildlife.





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