Hoedspruit Weather

Hoedspruit Weather remains pretty constant throughout the year.

Winter mornings tend to be crisper and cooler. It is advisable to dress warmly first thing. Be ready to remove jerseys as the day warms up. Keep a jacket or warm fleece handy for the evenings. Even if sitting around a boma/barbeque fire in winter, you will be glad of the extra warmth.

Summer days are HOT and I mean hot. Although average mean temperatures hover around 33 deg C, the summer temperatures can sometimes reach over 40 deg.C. It is essential that you drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. Don’t think that the odd glass is going to do it. Maybe a few litres. It is also wise to dress in pure cotton, linen or bamboo clothing. These fabrics are usually more comfortable than nylon and synthetics.

It is quite normal to see dry rivers start to flow. The rainfall on the nearby northern Drakensberg determines the flow normally. The water slowly gathers momentum as it finds its way through the Satellite town of Kampersrus. It really doesn’t take much for the kids to get out their bikes and splash through the puddles. Our kids here still know how to enjoy the simple life!

The first rains also herald the start of the time for the impala ewes to drop their young. Nothing as cute as seeing the little ones finding their feet.

Hoedspruit Weather is pretty constant but, at times, bright blue skies can turn very quickly to heavy thunderstorms.