Land Claims Hoedspruit South Africa

A major concern for anyone wanting to invest in property in or close to Hoedspruit.

While I understand the ‘normal’ issue of land claims, having personally resolved both Raptors View and Parsons in Balule, with the current discussions going on about Expropriation without Compensation, this is causing some investors to be more cautious. My own personal opinion, and I stick to it, is that the Government is looking for arable land if they do look up this way. Land that has running water and good soil where the cultivation of crops will be encouraged. Also a number of the claimants in the area have been compensated already – either with monetary compensation or by being given other farms. I am confident that Hoedspruit and the surrounding game farming areas or Wildlife Estates will not be affected.

You will hear all kinds of stories from people who are nervous about the Land Claims Hoedspruit South Africa.

You will worry whether or not your investment is safe.

Your concern will be whether the Government can simply take your property away.

Understanding Land Claims Hoedspruit South Africa is not that difficult. Why not sit with me for a while and let me explain how it works.

I was responsible for the resolving of Land Claims in two important areas – Raptors View Wildlife Estate and Parsons Game Reserve in Balule.

The bottom line is that NO owner is ever required to compensate Claimants. Provided the proper process is followed, your investment is safe.

I would be more than happy to explain this further. Prospective buyers should not be concerned, provided the correct procedures are followed.

Understanding Land Claims Hoedspruit South Africa is also about peace of mind and knowing that your investment cannot simply be ‘taken away’.

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