Land Claims Hoedspruit South Africa

Land Claims Hoedspruit South Africa continue to be of concern to anyone thinking of investing in our magnificent part of the country.

The latest link regarding Land Claims. Published on social media 16th November, 2018.

So much has been written about the harm that Expropriation without Compensation can do. All thinking South Africans can do is hope that the Government will actually listen. It is only where farms have been handed over – and the initial owners have remained involved – that any joint venture has been successful.

There are also huge tracts of land, already owned by Government for the whole process not to be necessary.

I remain confident that the Government is not looking to claim land which is mainly dedicated to wildlife. Having said that, the huge Mala Mala settlement surprised everyone. But, even Mala Mala is still being run by those with years of experience, with an extended contract in place, with the actual claimants of that land.

Commercial farms in the area are obviously cause for concern. I have no experience with Agricultural farm sales.

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