Malaria in Hoedspruit Update 4th February 2019.




Malaria in Hoedspruit  4.2.2019.

Is Malaria in Hoedspruit a cause for concern?


A notice has just gone out that Hoedspruit has had its status changed from a “Low Risk Area” to that of Medium Risk.    This is a warning that precautions must be adhered to and not ignored.  
Permanent residents do not take tablets as a preventative medication.  I would recommend that visitors and prospective investors consider chatting to their own doctors for advice.

International visitors are usually advised by their doctors to take anti-malarial prophylactics.


Preventative measures include the wearing of long sleeve shirts and pants in the evenings. Socks help too. The use of mosquito repellent is advisable. Also sleeping under a mosquito net helps.

Where possible, keep a fan turning slowly.

Don’t let the idea of Malaria in Hoedspruit spoil what is going to be a fantastic trip to this magnificent area.