Malaria in Hoedspruit Update 15.9.2018

Is Malaria in Hoedspruit a cause for concern?

UPDATE. Malaria in Hoedspruit Update 15.9.2018

With the approaching rains, and the possibility of water lying around, we are coming up to the time to be more cautious about Malaria. Last year saw an initiative by the community and service providers, to do quite an extensive spraying operation.

Permanent residents do not take tablets as a preventative measure but rather take the precautions mentioned below. I would recommend that visitors and prospective investors consider chatting to their own doctors for advice.

Hoedspruit falls in to what is termed a ‘low risk area’ with the risk increasing the further east one goes – towards the Kruger Park.

International visitors are usually advised by their doctors to take anti-malarial prophylactics.

Usually, all that is necessary is to take the necessary precautions to guard against Malaria in Hoedspruit. These include the wearing of long sleeve shirts and pants in the evenings. Socks help too. The use of mosquito repellent is advisable. Also sleeping under a mosquito net helps.

Where possible, sleep under a mosquito net or keep a fan turning slowly.

Don’t let the idea of Malaria in Hoedspruit spoil what is going to be a fantastic trip to this magnificent area.