Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate consists of just over 400 residential stands that are approximate 4900 sq.m. in size. There are also a few select and larger stands of 10 000 sq.m. situated in a quieter part of the Estate.

There are some areas of Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate that are so close to the shops that residents could walk to Pick ‘n Pay, the banks and Post Office. Read more about Hoedspruit here.

Laid out more like an extension of Hoedspruit, the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate has paved roads, services under ground, more of a feel of being in a suburb whilst still having game move freely around the house.

Where the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate differs from the other Wildlife Estates is that owners may have two dogs and also a small section around the homes may be fenced off in order to keep them under control. Cats are not allowed due to possible in-breeding.

Levies are about R2000 a month. Municipal Rates approximately R600 monthly on vacant stands.

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate has seen a tremendous burst of activity and there are hardly any vacant stands available. Houses are laid out more as an exclusive suburb. Most have mature trees and mountain views. Some offer privacy at the end of the roads or on drainage lines.

There are also a number of homes that have become very popular as B&B’s. A large choice is available and offer affordable accommodation to something more sophisticated.

Whilst HWE is not one of my focus areas, I do have a few properties there. If I don’t have what you are looking for, I have collaboration agreements with other large agencies. Some clients prefer to work with a smaller agency and that is where K2C Properties comes in.