Khaya Ndlovu

Hoedspruit’s Khaya Ndlovu – part of the 12 000 Blue Canyon Conservancy.

“The Home of the Elephant”

Hoedspruit’s Khaya Ndlovu was previously known as “Raptors Welverdiend”. The advantage of this exclusive game reserve is that it is conveniently close to Hoedspruit.

Hoedspruit’s Khaya Ndlovu. Close to the Kruger Park. A special big 4 area situated within the 12 000 ha Blue Canyon Conservancy. Buffalo are currently in holding pens in the greater Conservancy and I anticipate that they will be released by about July.
See the others ~ Lion, Elephant, Leopard and Rhino ~ on a game drive or safari. Enjoy a game drive at any time to suit yourself.

Only 35 stands will ever be developed on Khaya Ndlovu. Your own piece of Africa is over 10 000 sq metres and you therefore have minimal impact from your neighbours. The homes have been built without any compromise on quality and have all been planned with the emphasis on outdoor living. You will have trouble keeping your home to yourself as friends and family make this their prime winter destination.

Hoedspruit’s Khaya Ndlovu has some magnificent homes, as well as vacant stands ~ and an area of about 1500 ha for traversing.

The huge advantage of Hoedspruit’s Khaya Ndlovu is that it takes only about 7 minutes to get there from town, is very easily accessible to our own Eastgate/Hoedspruit Airport and a mere 40 minutes to the famous Kruger Park.

Wild dog or “Painted Dogs” as they are sometimes known, enter Khaya Ndlovu regularly, moving as they do between wilderness areas.

For those wanting to truly say “We have a home within a stone’s throw of town with a huge variety of Wild Life ~ including the Big 4” – Hoedspruit’s Khaya Ndlovu is the destination of choice.