Raptors View

Raptors View Hoedspruit near Kruger Park.

(Quoted here with permission… Country Life magazine. February 2002)
“Below Mariepskop a housing estate lies in perfect camouflage and harmony with its natural bushveld environment.
Imagine a garden that just ambles away into the distance. A garden where you never have to plant an annual or mow the lawn. One which changes with the season as summer’s flowers pop through the grass and where trees bloom quietly and fruit to the noisy feasting of birds.
Imagine a garden where no fences or security walls hinder the passage of browsing giraffes that might fancy a nibble from the acacia outside your bedroom window. A garden where families of impala visit and where warthogs scutter off with tail at full mast.”

“Raptors”, as the Estate is affectionately called, has been my own home since August 2004. However, my involvement goes back to walking the Estate with a GPS, radio and a sketch map, when stands were first marketed.

The single, manned entrance sits on the edge of town but with only 200m to the Wimpy. Raptors is just over 1000 ha with 304 residential stands. Stand sizes are a minimum of 1 ha or 10 000 sq.m. The animals move freely between the homes and also enjoy the remaining 700 ha. Residents can walk, cycle, bird watch and do tree identification.

The Southern Cross Wildlife School is situated at the top of Raptors. It is difficult to explain how families actually live here – free from worry and safety concerns.

All services ~ Telkom, water and Eskom power are underground and roads remain as true bushveld dust roads.

General plains game on Raptors View Hoedspruit includes kudu, impala, giraffe, waterbuck, nyala, zebra, wildebeest, warthog, grey duiker, porcupine, genet and civet, aardvark and caracal. We have a few leopard on the Estate and wild dog pass through fairly regularly.

Being a mature Estate, there is a nice selection of homes on the market. There are also some vacant stands still available for those who prefer the excitement of building their own home. The selection below give just an indication of what is available. Not all of my stock is listed. Chat to me.

And if you are now tempted, have a look at the page links:”About Hoedspruit” and “Hoedspruit facilities” pages.

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